The strongest broadband & CATV repair experience in the industry.





Avnet Services is the industry leader in telecommunications, cable television (CATV) and broadband repair and support services for manufacturers and operators alike

Our repair team offers more than 50 years of telco and CATV industry experience and innovation, supported by the most experienced technicians in the industry working in our depot facilities. Our strengths lie in four areas:

  • Deep expertise – All of our RF, digital, fiber optic and analog technicians are required to have at least a two‐year Electrical Engineering degree, and more than half have been in the industry for more than a decade.
  • Industry‐leading customer service – Why pay to ship product when we'll come and get it? Our trained, experienced route sales representatives make more than 400 customer pickups a week across the country, making direct contact with our customers to make sure their needs are understood and met.

    Our route sales representatives also document the condition and contents of your products and enter them into our system for real‐time tracking, starting the moment they get loaded into our trucks for fast, professional processing.
  • Transparent reporting – Our purpose‐built IT system offers continuous, real‐time visibility on every product we touch, from the moment you complete your RMA to the moment your repaired product is delivered where you want it. Our system tracks product model numbers, serial numbers and all parts used in the repair process.
  • Process‐driven workflow – All of our repair centers operate under documented processes that maintain highest quality, efficiency and effectiveness from dock to dock.

Our expert telecommunications, CATV and broadband repair services include:
  • RMA Processing
  • Screen & Disposition
  • Repair & Refurbishment
  • Board level repair: 95% of all our repairs are at the board level
  • Warranty & out‐of‐warranty programs


Our Depot Repair facilities support the repair and refurbishment needs of the following telecommunications, CATV and Broadband products and systems:
  • Carrier‐grade servers
  • Base Transceiver Station (BTS) equipment
  • Switches & repeaters
  • Microwave equipment
  • Integrated rack systems
  • Headend Equipment
    • Digital
    • Fiber Optic
    • Analog
  • Line Gear
  • Fiber Optic Transmitters & Receivers
  • Power Supplies: Standby & Non‐standby
  • Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)
    • Cable Modems
    • Set Top Boxes
    • Routers
    • Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapters (EMTAs)


In addition to our repair and refurbishment services, Avnet Services's Repair/Refurb Depots also offer a host of related support services designed to minimize turn times and hassle and maximize the service life and value of your technology investments.

These services include:

Spares, Parts & Inventory Management

  • Warehousing & redistribution of spare products
  • Warranty & out-of-warranty programs
  • "Hot swap" returns

Lifecycle Management

  • Customized, in‐depth failure rate reports & analysis

Continuous, Real‐time Tracking

  • Continually monitored & updated from pickup to final delivery
  • Includes RMAs and Repair Parts

MSO On‐Site Pickup Service

  • Nationwide pickup coverage
  • 400+ MSO locations across the U.S.
  • Dedicated route sales agents
  • On‐site condition verification & entry into Avnet's IT system for tracking


Our U.S.‐based repair depots adhere to some of the most stringent regulatory standards in the technology and repair industry, including:
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 13485
  • TL 9000
  • CCC
  • FDA
  • OHSAS 18001


To find out how Avnet Services's Repair/Refurb Depots can help maximize the uptime and service life of your specific critical server, storage and networking systems needs contact us at the information below: