One partner to support you from launch to disposition
Why Avnet


Spare parts. Repair parts. E-waste. Chain of custody. Rapidly changing regulations and certifications. Technology manufacturers, service providers and corporations have more concerns than just customer support and RMAs these days.

At best, these areas can be a distraction. At worst, they're major profit leaks.

Avnet Services exists to help you do what you do best: focus on the rapid rollout of quality products. We've assembled a comprehensive suite of services around every phase of a product's life after it goes to market, from technical call center and field support all the way to the demanufacture and ecycling of hardware and components. Whether you need assistance with one of these services or all of them, Avnet Services enables you to profitably deliver a first-class customer experience at each phase of the product lifecycle.

Here are five reasons why Avnet Services is the premier partner for any tech manufacturer's product aftermarket lifecycle needs:

1. Command Center & Reporting

Whether you select one service or several, you'll benefit from our "command center" approach. We've linked our services, our systems and our staff together to ensure that you know and we know where your products and parts are in our system and what their status is.

Our systems track which components fail the most in repair, for example, which assets should be replaced to maximize uptime for the end-customer, or which are worth the most at the point of demanufacture. Real-time information you can use today to make tomorrow's products even better.

2. Complete Lifecycle Approach

It's more than just reverse logistics. Successful manufacturers today have to look at the total lifecycle of the product, from ideation through disposition. Only Avnet shares that perspective, offers the specific services and support needed at each phase of the product aftermarket lifecycle.

3. Repair Leadership

It's a fact, even the best engineered tech products break down. Avnet has assembled some of the best and brightest repair teams and facilities in North and South America, Asia and Europe.

Our depot repair facilities provide hardware and device repair and refurbishment services for the following markets:
  • Data Center
  • Telecommunications/CATV
  • Medical
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Defense
  • IT
  • Client Computing
  • Visual Products
Avnet provides integrated service solutions for depot repair, remanufacturing, screen and testing, end-of-life management, product lifecycle extension, multi-vendor service programs, engineering design and warranty service in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

4. IT Leadership

Why Avnet
At Avnet, IT isn't a utility. It's an advantage. Avnet has been featured on InformationWeek magazine's "Top 500 Companies in IT" for 20 years consecutively, ranking as high as #3 in the country. Avnet IT projects have been recognized with seven InfoWorld 100 awards over the past decade, based on their innovation, execution and returns.

Avnet's IT focus and process-driven approach means that Avnet Services customers will benefit from world-class monitoring and reporting tools backed by consistent, efficient processes at every touch point in our system.

5. Strength & Stability

When it comes to choosing a strategic partner, stability counts. Trusting a third-party to handle a core segment of your business only to have them go under can be financially or economically catastrophic.

Despite the ups and downs of the technology business, Avnet has stood strong for more than 90 years. We celebrated our 50th year on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010. With fiscal year 2012 revenues of $25.7 billion and a workforce of more than 17,000 employees, Avnet is a safe haven you can turn to in uncharted economic waters.

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